Social Media

The new word of mouth

Generally when people hear social media they think of logging onto Facebook and checking on their friend status, but a lot of business forget that social media is now a must have marketing tool for your business! Generally Twitter, Facebook and blogging can have a massive impact on your business.

People are talking about brands and businesses at all hours of the day 247 all over the world, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive service that can defiantly help you, and we will develop strategy plans, manage and optimize your company’s social media programme and take you to another level online.
The fastest way to get word around is well word of mouth…


Facebook currently has over 500,000,000 members with around 500k joining per day. Online users now regularly visit Social Networking sites whenever they go online. Facebook has even overtaken Google as the most popular website in the US.


Twitter is about ease of sharing within Social Networking. 80% of Twitter updates are from mobiles, this is important for a brand as it will allow you to know and get involved in what is being said about your company.


Ever since February 2010 Facebook ‘pages’ and Twitter ‘tweets’ have been included in Google search results. This means that good social networking and SEO will soon become one and the same because of this a brand’s presence can now be pulled into search engine results from a variety of online sources.