Search Engine Optimization

Don't get lost online

Some people do not realise no matter how attractive the website is and that once there website is live unless they market it, it will not become noticed, after all the main reason the website was built in the first place was to attract visitors right?
So it is pretty simple to understand really, the higher your website is in the Search Engine rankings the more visitors you will get… the more visitors you get the more sales you will make… the more sales you get the more profit you will take! 

Though it is not quite as simple to achieve… unless you use an expert of course!

Here is a few examples of our expertise;
Go to Google, type in Nottingham Web Design – position between 1-3 will be Vivoo Creative
Go to Google type in Nottingham Commercial Cleaning – position between 1-3  will be our client Applemaid Cleaning
Go to Google type in Nottingham MUA – position between 1-3 will be our client Lauren Creasey
SEO can take some time but working with you, distinguishing your keywords and competitors with our expertise and your patients we will have you where you should be in no time!