Wonderbra have come up with (in my eyes) a genius way to promote their new bra… with the Brazilian beauty Sabraine Banadoa on a 20ft 3d billboard! Not that everyone walks around with 3d glasses in their back pocket but it’s worth getting a pair and getting down to London’s Waterloo Station to get an eyeful!!!!

Just like a website is for us for many shops a store front is a customers first impression on you and your business, browsing the web I found some mad way’s of how stores draw potential customers attention!

As I’m sure most will agree, some of the best advertisement has to be from Alcohol adverts!! Here is our favorite ones from the four most well known larger brands that have been aired the UK!!

Absolute genius.

We’re all hoping England can bring a bit of a result in South Africa, well www.infoclick.co.za were also looking for a result from England…. a nice clean, simple, WordPress site clearly stating their services, ability, and testimonials.. Luckily Vivoo never let anyone down and we provided just that, a fresh new re-design of their old website… oh and of course we used Curfen font replacement

Any web site owner knows that it is very important to get more traffic for a web site. Why do you need to get more traffic? More traffic means you have more visitors, and more visitors means you have more profit. So, how to get more traffic? There are many ways for getting more traffic for your web site. You can find a lot of information in Internet about that.

So as of today Vivoo Creative currently holds position 10 in Google on Page 1 for key words ‘Nottingham Web Design‘ for the first time…
After 4 months SEO work, going from page 149 I’d say that’s a pretty good achievement!

Other Keywords include position 4 on page 1 for Creative Nottingham.

The Promoting Activity toolkit has been developed by Make Sport Fun on behalf of the NHS, Department of Health, Transport for London and other partners. It is a community project, with many partners contributing and with all resources available to all users.

Vivoo Creative has yes… been accepted on another site, over the past few days we have submitted ourself’s onto CSS Gallery websites and for the 4th time this week we have been approved!

Bring up www.cssnature.org and what hits you in the face? Well currently it’s Vivoo Creative ! A great surprise today to be accepted in one of many CSS gallery’s…

CSS Nature claims to showcase The Worlds Best Website Design, well now Vivoo Creative is in the Gallery we can safly say now they do have the worlds best website design!!

Folloding the design and development success of relocation-malta Vivoo Digital was also asked to re-design and Develop www.attard-property-malta.com

The site general lays out new and upcoming developments that and state agent in Malta manages the sales of, with PDF downlaods, images, lightboxes and slides shows this a simple but elegant website, content managed using WordPress 3.0