My names Luke, I developed & designed Vivoo, I’m self taught in what I do, I can only explaine the way and why I design & develop in one way…

I’m like the Heston Blumenthal of the design world, I try to be as unique and different as I can, the only difference between me and Heston is I’m not too crazy, obviously I keep things likes like user ability in mind… unlike Heston with his ‘Wale Vomit’, one thing we do have in common is were creative, creative new things, be unique, attempt the impossible…. well maybe not attempt the impossible. I’ve cooked all over the world too so I guess we have that skill in common.

I have to admit, I’m not much of a blogger, but I think the design of the blog is pretty nifty… right? Well I’ve kept the whole site look throughout anyway

Inspiration is a big thing in design, I tend to find inspiration from the most random things, but whatever it is at the time, it seems to work… apart from when I get a crazy idea at 3am this doesn’t seem to please my girlfriend to much! But I find I have to do it there and then, otherwise, well to be honest, I will forget.

So with vivoo I’ve decided to split it up a bit, my design website is something I find unique and I felt I had to keep it that way, I could’nt invade the creative side of it with such ‘business & content type’ services as hosting or my new service web management… but  I still wanted to offer these services & keep it separate, and I wanted it to look… well… like a design! Hopefully a design that could inspire others?

With my hosting website, I’ve kept that simple, I’m fed up of all these hosting website with offer this offer that, save this save that, look at this advert no this 1, I mean what are 1and1 doing with there lifes??.. to much info and to be honest, I don’t care… I just want the right package that would suit me, that’s why I’ve set up my hosting service the way it is.

Anyway hope you enjoyed reading my ‘blog’… I’ll post more as I’m going along…