Hey hey, I’ve decided to launch a second site,

hmm stupid you may think,why! you might say!!!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING! you might shout? Maybe that would be too far…

Well anyway I feel Vivoo Creative appeals to individuals, Sole traders, small company’s, the less suit and tie…. do you feel my vibe?
So I also wanted to create a professional approach, to show that Vivoo Creative can swing both ways! Hehe

I’ve set up Vivoo Digital, basically going into more detail, more reading, less visual, pretty much mainly text base, I’ve also moved a lot of the courp portfolio over to their too, the outline is Vivoo Digital gives a professional approach towards Larger company’s, Branding, and other freelancers & agencies in the trade seeking to use me for my talent but finding out what I can do in more detail.

on the About Page

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