Here at Vivoo Creative for any web project that requires design before the first concept we create whats called a mood board… on the left you can see an example (and it is a compleat example I quickly put togeather! CLICK THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE!) When we proivide moodboards for design purposes each moodboard contains four elemtns, Layout, Colour/Texture/Pallet, Photos & Illustration and Insperation.. See below for more details on each section;

Recent Vivoo Creative was accepted into the CSS Mania Gallerie, quite frankly one of the biggest CSS galleries on the web.

Take a look at our acceptance here

For a few days this week I have been doing work experience here at Vivoo Creative in Nottingham for a few days and I have found it very interesting and sometimes quite fun. I think I have learned a lot more while I have been here as well.

When going to present your company at a conference as big as the Public sector Enterprise ICT 2010 you need to stand out, Vivoo Creative recently provided a exhibition stand, presentation stand, shirts, usb design, business cards and carrier bags for an established and well known company.  Here is an image of the exhibition stand & presentation stand…

The Promoting Activity toolkit has been developed by Make Sport Fun on behalf of the NHS, Department of Health, Transport for London and other partners. It is a community project, with many partners contributing and with all resources available to all users.

We’re all hoping England can bring a bit of a result in South Africa, well were also looking for a result from England…. a nice clean, simple, WordPress site clearly stating their services, ability, and testimonials.. Luckily Vivoo never let anyone down and we provided just that, a fresh new re-design of their old website… oh and of course we used Curfen font replacement

Malta based Relocation experts wanted to set up a website providing information on people looking to relocation to Malta, 4 weeks ago we approched with them seeking a trustworthy and reliable company that could provide somethign spectacualar after a previous freelancer had ripped off and waisted Relocation Malta’s time…. Thankfully Relocation-Malta came to the right place! And since have passed on another site which will be released later today. holds some brilliant and astonishing single paged websites, some of the designs, ideas, and insperation on the site is absolutly amazing, funny enough when I came to design and developing I got a lot of insperation from the site, now I’m proud to have Vivoo Creative within the site side by side with some amazing designers.

Yesterday we set live – Metal World Engineering is a Leicestershire based company in the industrial industry, they wanted a simple but effective website design, we built site in WordPress and have included cufón font replacement.

I think the title pretty much explains it all, too our surprise after catching up on some SEO for Vivoo Creative I noticed a massive increase in hits, had a further look and found we had been featured in, great surprise for the day… And we feel pretty damn proud to be featured along side some brilliant talent that is on their take a look at the full blog post here