Anyone watching the X Factor on Saturday night would off seen the first short release of the Yeo Valley advert, 10 minuets later the advert was trending on Twitter way above any X Factor Trends, the advert is absolute genius their is even call’s to make it Christmas Number 1!!!

Wonderbra have come up with (in my eyes) a genius way to promote their new bra… with the Brazilian beauty Sabraine Banadoa on a 20ft 3d billboard! Not that everyone walks around with 3d glasses in their back pocket but it’s worth getting a pair and getting down to London’s Waterloo Station to get an eyeful!!!!

Just like a website is for us for many shops a store front is a customers first impression on you and your business, browsing the web I found some mad way’s of how stores draw potential customers attention!

As I’m sure most will agree, some of the best advertisement has to be from Alcohol adverts!! Here is our favorite ones from the four most well known larger brands that have been aired the UK!!

Absolute genius.

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