The Business Host are located at Sota Connect data centre in Kent Science Park, UK.

They offer high-quality peers; Blueconnex, Netrino, Nitrex, UKDSL, Sota, Goscomb and Entanet which provide them with connectivity to the main providers, which means there customers enjoy high-quality bandwidth with a very high level of reliability.

We provided them with a sleek, modern and something slightly different from your average hosting website. Along with this we put togeather a great colour pallet for there branding requirments and a start off point for future branding expansion.

Earlier this week Luke Terry the Creative Director of Vivoo Creative was approached by Web Branding UK for an interview for there first series of interviews for 2011, you can read the interview here

Today Nottingham was lucky enough to host the New Adventures in Web Design Conference at the Royal Albert hall, unfortunatly I couldn’t make it for the whole show personally but did manage to pop in early doors to listen to Sarah Parmenter speak on Crafting User Experience, something of which is a general interest of mine let alone a professional interest.

Every creative whether freelance or agency will use some sort of Project Management software, we have trial and tested a few on the run up to opening Vivoo Creative early last year, one that we found was on top of the rest was Project Bubble, back then it was still in beta but we could see the potential in the software, now nearly a year with using it not only still have it’s beautiful interface but has numerous options, which we still haven’t had chance to use all of them just yet!

World Wide Web has offered a new platform of business. In the past, hardly a number of business concerns could trade globally. But, with the introduction of web there has been a drastic revolution in the market trends.