Yesterday we set live – Metal World Engineering is a Leicestershire based company in the industrial industry, they wanted a simple but effective website design, we built site in WordPress and have included cufón font replacement.

DJ This One provide for hire and sale DJ equipment and accessory’s to music lovers, offering a pretty nifty discount on line!

The majority of eCommerce websites are heavily cluttered and out of today’s technology, we provided a simple layout with a flush of blue into the design, also given 16 different illustrations for different areas of the website.

Social Media is a big part of any website also as with most websites we influenced this!

I think the title pretty much explains it all, too our surprise after catching up on some SEO for Vivoo Creative I noticed a massive increase in hits, had a further look and found we had been featured in, great surprise for the day… And we feel pretty damn proud to be featured along side some brilliant talent that is on their take a look at the full blog post here

Here at Vivoo Digital we have recently upgraded to Adobe CS5, in our package it included Flash CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5 and some other bits and bobs but we generally use what I’ve mentioned on a day too day basis… All I can say is… astonishing.

For those who are unsure of what the above software is, it’s basically our hammer and nail, here is a look at our top 5 new features for each bit of software we use….

Back in January this year Lauren Creasey a freelance Make Up Artist in Nottingham came to Vivoo Creative seeking an online Portfolio to show case her MUA work, and we design and developed a small and simple site, which needless to say turned into a big contribution on her career….

At Vivoo Digital I’ve decided to have all phones changed to Skype, I’m shortly moving to a new location in Nottingham city centre, and instead of faffing around with phones etc I can keep the same number where ever I and the company may go, in addition to that bluetooth headset’s simply works with the PC for answering calls etc, so our number is now .