As you can probably see Vivoo Digital has used font replacement for all H tags…

So what is Cufón and how does it work?

Every medium has constraints. For print, there are things like size, ink density, and paper quality. For video, even the best available HDTV only musters up about 2.1 megapixel resolution (HD 1080p is 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels). On the Internet, those constraints can be things like bandwidth, screen size, or—today’s topic—fonts.

Spending 16 hour days working around the meny client project’s we currently hold, We have finally managed to re-design Vivoo Digital to more of a design we was aiming for, using the latest trends in design, effects and technology including font replacment.

Bingham SAC is a Notingham based Diving club with a wide range of Events with exclusive diving outings.

With a previous website that was so far in the past we gave a new approach for the club website with animated illustrations of underwater life bringing the new website something more then just a quick read.

Content management was a must so we developed the design into Joomla CMS, and included event management, gallery and membership options..