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Written by Luke Terry / Posted April 1st

A logo, a design concept, a exhibitionist stand is not just created by careful planning but also the minds of the individual or team creating the design, in my opinion it is pretty much the key ingredient in creating the design.

So where does inspiration come from?
This depends on the individual, I myself gain inspiration from looking out of the windows. Yes! Looking out of the window, every time I look out the windows here I see something new so it gives me something new to think about, I’m guessing this triggers it all off!

Within the blog you will also find a inspiration wall where every time I come across a unique image, or maybe video I add it to the wall!

Another good source for inpiration is Twitter, upon hundreds of thousands of people post various links of either there own work or to blog posts such as “99 of the best single paged websites” many of which our previous website which you can still see here is on.

And yet another way is on your lunch break, taking a walk round Nottingham you see all sort’s! As I’m sure it is much the same in other citys.

I hope my couple of ideas helps out, where do you get your inspiration from?

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