March, 2011

Red Nose Re-Design


Edit – Chris and Dave have now stated they will attempt to break the world record, so we will now be designing for 52 hours finishing 10:30am Friday 18th March

On Wednesday 16th March 2011 from 6:30am Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave will be attempting the break the world record for the longest show ever on Radio One during this time me and one of my team (Anthony) will attempted to completely re-develop and re-design The Chris Moyle shows number 1 fan site in aid of Comic Relief and in support of Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave’s record attempt. Read More

Pancake Day!


It’s here! Pancake day, how do you like yours? Personally I prefer them with just sugar and lemon, but with cinnamon in the mixture!

Before creating Vivoo Creative I was a Chef for many years in Nottingham, South France, Spain and Wales, and I still now absolutely love cooking! Pancakes are in fact my most favourably food!!! Simple to create but can be filled with soooo many different ingredients!
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Working with moodboards


Here at Vivoo Creative for any web project that requires design before the first concept we create whats called a mood board… on the left you can see an example (and it is a compleat example I quickly put togeather! CLICK THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE!) When we proivide moodboards for design purposes each moodboard contains four elemtns, Layout, Colour/Texture/Pallet, Photos & Illustration and Insperation.. See below for more details on each section;
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CSS Mania Acceptance


Recent Vivoo Creative was accepted into the CSS Mania Gallerie, quite frankly one of the biggest CSS galleries on the web.

Take a look at our acceptance here

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Working with a light tent


Here at Vivoo Creative we use something called a light tent, at any option we get we take our own stock photography when possible, generally for brochures, eCommerce and brochure websites.
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AIDA Email Marketing


Most effective email campaigns focus on three items: well written copy that sells, email marketing lists that focus on permission-based marketing and test marketing to see which element of the email marketing campaign is most successful.

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