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My work experience with Vivoo Creative

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Written by Ash / Posted February 4th

Over the last week I have spent my time working with Luke at Vivoo Creative, I started Monday 31st January, and I didn’t know what to expect!

Luke gave me a detailed insight into the real professional design world, I am 24 and  a student and Nottingham Trent University studying BA Honors in Multimedia, I have had a massive interest in Web Design and Graphic Design since a young age and defiantly knew this was the career path I wanted to take, so here is what happened spending a week with Luke at Vivoo Creative…

Day 1 (in the big Vivoo Creative house)

I walked into the studio, the studio was atmospheric, as soon as I walked in I felt a massive vibe, music was pumping out, people where talking, laughing… I really didn’t expect this! I was expecting to walk in hearing typing, people sitting there with headphones on… but here I just felt a real sense of family. Luke came over made me feel welcome instantly, though I had met him previously to talk about a week’s experience.. anyway Luke got straight to the point, he put together a plan of what I would be doing this week, mainly Photoshop work (which I was pleased about!) They was currently working on a project for Leicester County Council, putting together a logo for a new section of the website and Luke asked me to give it a blast, see what I could come up with, so I spent the majority of the day seeking out some logo inspiration and putting some ideas together!

Day 2

I was looking forward to some critical feedback on my logo designs,  it was good news after a few minor changes Luke put 3 of them forward to the client along with two of his, now it was the waiting matter for feedback from the client. Vivoo Creative do something called sketchboarding, never really herd of it previously but it’s a way to plan out usability for website, it was an interesting insight as I never really took this into account, we spent the rest of Day 2 planning out a new website project for a brand’s mini site.

Day 3

Good news we got feedback from Leicester County Council, They chose one of my logos along with one of Luke’s, we spent the morning working together on hopefully the final produce, we then sent that off to the client, next stop was a meeting with a potential client, Luke brought me into this so I could get an insight into dealing with clients, this was a marketing company who was looking to collaborate with Vivoo Creative and handle all the web work for promotional items… I have to be honest I didn’t understand a lot of what they was talking about, so Luke explained the majority of it too me afterwards. It got to about 3pm and I was feeling pretty tired! How Luke works 7-7 everyday I don’t know but I guess that is all part of owning a business! Good news, we herd from the client and that project was signed off! They loved the logo, so the tired warn off as I was absolutely buzzing about something I had input in being accepted by a government body.

Day 4

After my recent success with helping with the logo design i grew in confidence and asked Luke if i could help with another project of his in the short time i worked there so he showed me how to use flash. At first i found it really difficult to understand something so simple as creating a flash banner but after his encouragement and support i found it allot easier to understand the basics of flash design. After using flash and learning a bit about the inner workings of the design and coding (action script) that goes into it i really started to like the programme and became really interested in using it, later that evening I looked into flash a bit more at home and attempted to produce a few other little bits.

Day 5

I was really saddened that this was my last day working at such a amazing company but at the same time i knew after this experience i would thrive as a new upcoming designer. On my last day i wanted to talk to Luke in person about how i could create such a business for myself and what i would need to do to make it happen. so he took me aside and explained me how he started from scratch and grew as a person as well as a company such a humble guy for a person that has achieved a lot in his life already. He really inspired me and i went away a new confident up and coming designer. I was surprised when he offered for me to work with him part time as he respected my motivation and commitment to the industry. For once i can say i am happy to wake up and go to work doing absolutely love.

Luke Terry

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