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Written by Luke Terry / Posted January 12th

Every creative whether freelance or agency will use some sort of Project Management software, we have trial and tested a few on the run up to opening Vivoo Creative early last year, one that we found was on top of the rest was Project Bubble, back then it was still in beta but we could see the potential in the software, now nearly a year with using it not only still have it’s beautiful interface but has numerous options, which we still haven’t had chance to use all of them just yet!

Every project we do goes through Project Bubble, we set up mile stones, create our project sheets and plan out times, cost etc with it, we can also invite clients for commenting on milestones (which eliminated 100′s of emails!) and share documents within Project Bubble as well as deal with other Administration issues such as Invoicing.

I think this video will explain in better detail then what I can put in words! Or take the tour.

We are glad to be a featured client on Project Bubble, and 100% rate it to any other agency and freelance and hope our future clients find it easy to work with us through Project Bubble just like our past and current clients do!

Project Bubble is created by UK based who owns Haloweb Ltd a Web Application company.

Project Bubble Website

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  1. James says:

    Great recommendation! I will try it out

  2. D Rolly says:

    Project Bubble is awesome, we use it at the studio for working with clients & freelancers

  3. Thank you for this, Its great to see an amazing studio like yours that is happy to contribute and help others.

    Much Appreciated

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