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Nottingham Goose Fair

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Written by Luke Terry / Posted October 7th

Not only is Nottingham known for the all mighty Notts County & Robin Hood but Goose fair is a massive tradition in Nottingham and has been going off every October for 716 years and yesterday was officially opened (a day earlier then usual!) The fair is beautiful to see in the evening, amazing to be at and all us Nottingham ladies and gents have many many many memory’s!

Here is a image from way back  when Goose Fair was held in the market square up until 1928, Goose fair originally sold mainly geese and cheese and was held every September for 8 days;

Now Goose Fair is held at the Forest Fields with somewhat many more attractions! Up until 1800′s the open days was originally 8 days but then cut to 3 days and has now gone back up to 5 (we say take it up to 8 again!)

Nottingham alone is worth the visit just for Goose Fair! Want more details? Check out the Nottingham County Council website for time etc

See you there!!!

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