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Working with a light tent

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Written by Luke Terry / Posted March 2nd

Here at Vivoo Creative we use something called a light tent, at any option we get we take our own stock photography when possible, generally for brochures, eCommerce and brochure websites.

So what is a light tent?
Light tent is a fold up box shaped used to diffuse the light and help to photograph big objects like chairs and other objects. It folds up like most reflectors and opens up into a shape of a box, open on the front. It is made out of white light weight parachute cloth to diffuse and soften the light.

The light tent makes product photography super easy. Simply place the object to be photographed inside the light tent and light the tent from two sides. There’s no need for flashes or strobes. Use of daylight balanced fluorescent lights is recommended, since they have good color balance and won’t get hot like incandescent lights.

The light tents are made of translucent, durable, color neutral fabric to surround your product in beautiful soft light. The fabric diffuses lighting evenly from all sides, including the top and bottom.

Benefits of a light tent
Ensuring light is certainly evenly given away on and surrounding the subject.

Almost all times, you really don’t want agonizing directional brightness. This may cause undesirable defects to signify up on top area for delicate details, such mainly because metals, wineglass and gem stones during jewelry. It will also cause the topic to loose many of it’s information. A dojo light tent can spread any light evenly. This give much even more detail into the subject question, and will eliminate the harsh becoming that shadows may produce on a photo.

Minimizing all reflection which can appear on the subject.

No an individual wants to view a wedding band, or a good glass, only so i can discover any photographer grinning back for them, by way of the reflection which had been created over the glass or precious metal when any photo was initially taken! Photography the amount of light kits similar to the light tent is likely to eliminate the. Using claustrophobic fabric walls all around the subject, there isn’t chance for any dangerous reflections sneaking within the shot.

That delivers something that could be portable.

Along with light tent it is actually simple to setup or clean up! The completely tent will fold up within just a second and likewise downscaled lighting would have been a breeze that will fold away and wrap away at a glance. Do possibly not think that you’re only limited by the the amount of light the camping tent provides. You can all of the time switch any light to generally be more vivid in side, and likewise change the background to soot an individual’s subject.

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